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BEGINs Uta San-Shin

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Japanese local 3 stringed melody maker, the San-shin"BEGIN's Uta San-Shin," is an application for everyone to enjoy easily playing songs with the Okinawan band, BEGIN, on the Okinawan instrument, the San-Shin.
Because the San-Shin is fretless, if the player doesn't press the stings at exactly the right place, beautiful melodies won't emerge from the instrument. The right positions are known as, "Kan-Dokoro." These, "Kan-Dokoro," are shown through a score of Chinese characters known as, "Kun-Kun-Shi," which is displayed on the left side of the app to allow the player to easily master the basics of the game.
Furthermore, in Singing-San-Shin mode, along with the Kan-Dokoro appear original Japanese lyrics, so the player can sing while playing!
Because the tempo and key can be adjusted to the player's level, everyone can eventually master the San-Shin. When the player can stroke at the same speed as the members of BEGIN, they've become a master!
Additionally in the, "Ai no Te," corner, BEGIN's music includes both, "Ai no Te," and, "Yubi-Bue," indispensable parts of Okinawan music. Press, swing, and rock out!
For all lover's of Okinawa, this is an app for anyone to enjoy learning the San-Shin, or just having a great time while drinking with friends.
All sampling was performed by BEGIN.
Songs included :○Usagi to Kame○Urashima Taro○Tinsagu no hana○Kankara San-shin umushirumun○Nada sousou○Shimanchu no takara○Pamaya Yunta○Sanshin no hana○Irayoi Tsukiyohama (Ver 1.5.0)○Taketomijima de Aimasyou (Ver 1.5.0)○Ojii jiman no Orion beer (Ver 1.5.0)○Kariyushi no yoru (Ver 1.5.0)○Uruma Melody (Ver 1.5.0)○Umi no Koe (Ver 1.5.0)
Singing-San-Shin Menu---------------------------------☆Singing-San-Shin ModeIn Singing-San-Shin mode, lyrics appear with the Kan-Dokoro. Learn theSan-Shin while singing!
☆Role-Model ModeAutomatically plays along with the Kun-Kun-Shi score. The recommended tempois displayed in the lower left part of the screen, the tempo can be adjustedin the settings, and memorize at your own pace.
☆Practice ModeThe Kan-Dokoro light up, press them while playing.*If the correct Kan-Dokoro aren't pressed, the next Kan-Dokoro won't bedisplayed.
☆Challenge ModeThe Kun-Kun-Shi score scrolls along the tempo set in the settings while theKan-Dokoro light up. Try to play along with the tempo!
☆BEGIN SessionsBring it all together! Play along with BEGIN's original songs.*Tempo and key adjusts automatically to these original songs.
Ai no Te-----------The band BEGIN's original Ai no Te, swing your i-phone while using yourfavourite Ai no Te!